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Thai currency and Thai Money

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Thai currency and Thai money

dollarsThe most popular way of bringing money to Thailand nowadays seems to be with traveller's cheques and/or ATM debit cards. You probably get a slightly better deal through an ATM than with a traveller's cheque (this depends on what your bank charges for withdrawals).

ATM's are everywhere in Bangkok, and widespread throughout Thailand. Cirrus/Maestro seems to be the most prevalent and is the best one to bring though Plus cards would also be fine. You may want to notify your bank before coming to Thailand, as some will automatically cancel your card after withdrawals from Bangkok as a fraud prevention method. Exchange rates are favorable if you get money out this way, but there seems to be a 20,000 Baht a day limit and 150 Baht for fee each time you take money (this may vary depending on your bank / card - you may not be able to get this much out).

atmThailand's ATM system is not always the most reliable, and machines are often down especially in the provinces. Therefore, it pays to plan ahead and not to be entirely dependent on your card. If you travel with a credit card, be careful when charging purchases overseas. Most credit card companies charge 3% fees on international transactions and cash withdrawals from ATMs. Additionally, if a vendor accepts a credit card, they may charge a service fee, which usually ranges from 3 - 5 %. This could total 6 – 8% fees in addition to the advertised price. It may be wise to ask is there are additional charges when using a credit card. Cash is the preferred tender almost everywhere and is often the most economical option.

It's not worth getting any Thai baht in your home country, as the exchange rate is likely to very poor. ATM's are in the airport, as is a moneychanger with good rates.

Thai Currency

thai-moneyThe currency of Thailand is the Baht (rhymes with "hot"). Bills vary in size and color according to denomination: 20-Baht is green, 50-Baht is blue, 100-Baht is red, 500-Baht is purple and 1,000-Baht is grayish-white. There is also still a 10-Baht bill in circulation, which is brown in color, but these are quite rare. The size of the bill depends on the denomination, the larger the bill, the larger the denomination.

Coins come in five denominations: one, five and ten-Baht pieces and 25 and 50-Satang pieces. The one and five-Baht coins are silver, while the ten-Baht coin consists of a silver ring around a brass center. One Baht is divisible into 100 Satang. 25 and 50-Satang coins are very small and made of brass

Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs

American Express, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted. ATMs are found in all major cities and almost all provincial banks.

American Express: 02-350-990, 02-360-276

Lost cards: 02-730-044

Diner's Club: 02-330-313 or 02-335-775

Lost cards: 02-335-644

MasterCard and Visa: 02-701-122 or 02-701-259

Lost cards: 02-522-712

Traveller's Cheques

traveller-chequesBangkok is unusual in that Traveller's Cheques get a better rate of exchange than cash, and the best rates come either from banks or moneychangers. Bangkok also gives a better rate of exchange than elsewhere in the country. Hotels will generally offer the worst exchange rate. AMEX travellers cheques are the most widely accepted.

If you are exchanging cash, US dollars and GBP sterling seem to have the best exchange rate but lots are currencies can be exchanged. The higher denomination notes always get a better rate of exchange. Make sure any US$50 and $100 notes are in pristine condition with no defects, or they will likely be rejected as counterfeit. Get the most recently dated notes you can as these stand the highest chance of being accepted. 

Currency Restrictions

Restrictions apply.

Banking Hours

Mon-Fri 08.30-15.30 pm. for local pulic area

Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00 pm. for in the commercial center area

calculatorExchange Rate Indicators

1.00 GBP = 53.8 THB

1.00 USD = 33.22 THB

1.00 EUR = 47.63 THB

*Currency conversion rates as of 19 December 2009

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