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Thai Language

Thai Langauge

If you love to travel in Thailand. One thing it's more interesting to try is Learn to Speak Thai, I mean you  dont need to know every words in Thai language but I give you the useful words you will use the most speak with Thai people and you will feel that How much the Thai people love to hear Westerner speaking our language. The easy way to make friend and relationship with us. I'm sorry at the sight of this my english not very well. Hope you  apollogize me. Hope you would not mind.

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About Thai Language

pha-sa-thaiThai is one of the oldest languages in East and South-East Asia. It is a monosyllabic language which uses five tones (high, mid, low, rising, and falling tone) to alter the meaning of a single syllable. This makes it rather tricky to learn for most Westerners used to speaking non-tonal languages.


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Prepare your Thai Language before visit Thailand.

learn-thaiLearning some Thai language before you visit Thailand is recommended because it will give you more freedom and independence. Knowledge of spoken Thai will not guarantee that you get the best prices in the market, but it doesn't hurt to know how to ask. Most importantly you will be able to appreciate the Thai people more, and they will certainly appreciate you.


Where do you like to go in Thailand?

Chiang Mai - 19.1%
Sukhothai - 4%
Ayutthaya - 3%
Pattaya - 30.2%
Hua Hin - 13.1%
Koh Samui - 9.5%
Koh Phi Phi - 4.5%
Phuket - 16.6%

Total votes: 199
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