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Jasmine The flower of Mother's Day

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''Jasmine'' The flower of Mother's Day

jasmine_flowerIn Thailand we believe that each flower has its own meaning so that we often use flower to express people's feeling, and by doing so, we believe that flower could express our feelings better than words. As time passes by, flower has been used as the important symbols which relate to people's way of life. Thus, there is a kind of flower that is meaningful to the Thai in term of society, tradition, culture and even economy. It's know as Jasmine or Mali in Thai.

Jasmine is the little white-leaf flower with good smell. There are many kinds of jasmine classified by geography. In Thailand, the most famous jasmine is Arabian Jasmine or Mali-La in Thai. Arabian Jasmine is a climber. Its small tendrils have some bread on. It has single leaf which is in pair on the opposite side of the tendrils.

mali-laThe jasmine is in oval shape with smooth grid. Additionally, Jasmine is a panicle type of flower. Normally, jasmine has been planted a lot in Nakornprathom, Nakornsawan, Pitsanulok, Lampoon, Nong-Khai and Samut Sakorn. On average, jasmine will blossom the most in rainy season and summer. The most appropriate time to harvest the jasmine is from 3.00-6.00 am. After so, the flower will be sent to markets. There are many ways to benefit from jasmine, for instance, use as the essence for making paying respect to sanctity. Jasmine is know as the forever-famous flower in Thailand and always sends only positive meaning to the receiver.

making-mali-laMoreover, in Thailand, Jasmine is knows as the symbol of Mother's Day, 12th August of every year. The Mother's Day in Thailand has been established according to the effect of other countries' Mother's Day and the thought of ''Confucianism'' in term of gratefulness which is quite similar to the Thai old believe. The first Mother's Day in Thailand had been established on 10th March, 1943. However, because of the World War II, the celebration had been discontinued. After being revived so many times, finally, the Mother's Day had been changed to 12th August of every year as it is Her Majesty the Queen's birthday. Beside, jasmine had been set up as the symbol of Mother's Day since then.

Why does it have to be Jasmine?

  • Jasmine is easy to find according to Thailand geography and weather.
  • The propitious feature of jasmine that give people the sense of purity and amenity.
  • The nature of jasmine, which is the long last smell and all year blossoming, represents the love of a mother to her child.
  • The property of healing and heart restoration of jasmine represents the mother's care on a child.
  • The meaning of jasmine is ''You are the only one I love the most'' or ''You are the magnificent one for me''.

If you have a chance travelling around Thailand with your mother on 12th August, why don't you give her a jasmine garland and feel the purity of jasmine togetherSmile.

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