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Transportation in Ubon Ratchathani

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Public Transportation in Ubon Ratchathani

transportEven though there are no traditional taxis in Ubon Ratchathani, public transportation is plentiful. You can get most anywhere you want or need to go in Ubon with one form of public transportation or another. Of course it's easier when you have your own transportation and know where you are going. But tourists and visitors don't always have that luxury. Public transportation is convenient as you don't need to worry about parking or fighting the traffic. Most public transportation in Ubon is reasonably priced and fairly safe as well.

Every effort has been made to provide the best information regarding how to get around in Ubon. If you have needs or questions that aren't met on this website feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions because now I'm living in Ubon Ratchathani and I can get you any information if you plan to visit Ubon.

sam-lorSam Lor (3 Wheel), which means three wheel, are tricycles with a passenger compartment big enough for two people. However you will sometimes see three or more people riding in them. Most of the drivers are older men, who must have legs of steel. You will find Sam Lors mainly in downtown area of Ubon Ratchathani. Sam Lor are slow, quiet and reasonably priced. You need to negotiate and agree upon a fare before you get on board. You should try it at least once. I don't know how much long they will be around. There aren't many young Thai men who have a dream to be a Sam Lor owner/operator.

motorbike-taxisMotorcycle taxis are the quickest way to get around if you are going somewhere alone. If you are in a group other forms of transportation are better. You will find motorcycle taxis assembled in groups around high traffic areas such as shopping and entertainment centers. They can be identified by the colored vests they are wearing and the yellow license plates with black lettering. The different colors show the company they work for yellow, orange, green, blue etc..

Negotiate and agree on the fare before you start off then there is no problem. This a good way to get around Ubon.

tuk-tukTuk Tuks are abundant in Ubon Ratchathani. You can see them around town 24 hours a day. When going out at night they are the preferred form of public transportation as the buses and songthaews stop running at sunset around 7 pm. The yellow and blue body along with the high pitched whine of the engines are fixtures in Thailand and might even be a cultural icon. If you are on your way home from shopping with a bunch of bags or out on the town in the evening with a group of friends a tuk tuk might be your best choice. You can find tuk tuks in Ubon at high traffic centers or flag them down if you see one empty driving by you. Some locations such as Tesco Lotus department store have a fare listing to certain other locations. If you catch the tuk tuk in a place with no listing make sure you agree upon a fare before you begin your journey.

mini-busSongthaew or mini-bus, whichever name you want to call them cover most of Ubon Ratchathani city. There are nine routes, of which many overlap on the main road. Each route has a unique number to identify it. The songthaews are also color coded however some lines have more than one route so there are several routes with the same color but unique numbers. One Line, the M Line,is red and is identified with the Thai "M" character. The M stands for Moh Ubon, short for Mahawitiyalai Ubon Ratchathani, or Ubon University.

The cost per person per ride is 10 Baht. It is the same whether you go 1 kilometer or 10 kilometers. You can go from start to finish for the one price. The exception is the M Line which costs 15 Baht due to the 20 kilometer distance to Moh Ubon. Songthaews are a good reliable cheap form of public transportation for getting around Ubon. They run from sunrise to sunset, or about 5.00a.m. to 7:00p.m.. No need to run to catch them as most routes have a truck coming by every 10-15 minutes all day.

blueThere are some high traffic times usually when students are heading to school and heading home. At these times you will see people standing up hanging on at the rear of the songthaew. I have rode each songthaew from start to finish and tried to make a useful table of places of interest along each route. There was no way possible to list everything so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Also, I have posted photos of an example of each routes songthaew so you can get an idea what they look like. The listings are in one direction so it depends on where you catch the songthaew and which direction it's traveling.

Below you will find the route designator along with route highlights:

Line 1- Green and Yellow - Near Ubon University, Warin Market, Nakhorn Chai Air, Moon River, Oliva Restaurant, Ubonrak Thonburi Hospital, Nantan 3 Coffee Shop, Jumpahom Restaurant, Saphasit Hospital, Police Station, Intro Pub/Indojeen Restaurant, SK Shopping Mall, Rajabhat University/Cultural Center, Makro, Bus Station, Kwam Na Tong Restaurant.

Line 2- White - Ubon Train Station, Warin Market/Bus Stop, Nahorn Chai Air Bus Station, Moon River, Tung Sri Muang Park, Museum, Ubon Hotel, Ratchathani Hotel, Main Post Office, Tokyo Hotel, OTOP, SK Shopping Mall, Rajabhat, Nevada Grand Hotel Complex, Tesco Lotus, Ubon Sports School, Nong Bua Market, M&M Coffees Shop, Rajavej Hostpital, Labor Office,Okane Japanese Restaurant, Big C, Makro, Bus Station, Skill Development Center.

Line 3- Pink - Kantaralak rd/Ban Go School, Warin Market/Bus Stop, Nakhorn Chai Air, Moon River, Big Market, Ascheewa School, Main Post Office, Sapphasit Hostpital, Police Station, Sincere Restaurant, Indojeen Restaurant, Swing Party House, Robinson, Racha Hotel, Regent Palace Hotel, Phathumrat Hotel, Thai Airways, Rajabhat, Nevada Grand Hotel, Ubon Sports School. Tesco Lotus, Assumption, Nong Bua Market, Northeastern Poli-technique, Rajavej Hospital, Labor Office, Big C, Makro, Bus Terminal, Kam Yai Market, Techno Ratchathani University.

Line 7- Pink - Ring Rd, Warin chamrap Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Fitness Center, Warin Market, Ubon Buri Resort, Nakorn Chai Air Bus Terminal, Moon River, Ahsheewa, Library, Museum, Ubon Hotel, Ratchathani Hotel, TAT, Nakhorn Hotel, Tung Sri Muang Park, Ari Bakery, Sam Chai Restaurant, Municipal Fresh Market, 49 Baht Buffet, Cowboys a& Indians, Sombat VDO, SK Shopping Mall, Rajabhat, Thai Airways, Chart Car Rental, Pathumrat Hotel, Market 6, Regent Palace Hotel, Racha Hotel, Robinsons, Cozy Restaurant, Swing Party House, Suriyat Hotel, Ponthip Restaurant, Sincere Restaurant, Police Station, Sapphasit Hospital, Sappasit Apartments, Blue Mountain Coffee, Ubon -Trakan Rd, Ban Dong Saen Sook.

Line 8- Blue - Highway 2050, Highway 231, Ubon-trakan Rd, Uppalisan Rd, Sappasit Rd, Blue Mountain Coffee Shop, Sapphasit Apartments, Sapphasit Hospital, Main Post Office, TAT, New Nakhorn Luang Hotel, Srigamol Hotel, Sri Isan Hotel, Somdet School, Smile Restaurant, Ave Marie School, PV Tower, Dao Lao Coffee Shop, Nik Hom Soi Lang Rd, Chonprathan Chabo Rd, Highway 231, CAT, Makro, Bus Terminal, Kittrongville Resort, Park, Highway 231-highway 2050 intersection.

Line 10- Blue - Somdet Rd Soi Kwa Yaek, Ong 99 Neua yang Gowlee Buffet, Jumpahom Restaurant, Nantana 3 Coffee Shop, Ubonrak Thonburi Hospital, Pae Tong Restaurant, Mayuree Mansion, Veggie Restaurant, Oliva Italian Restaurant, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Sri Isan Hotel, Big Market, Ascheewa, Library, Museum, Wat Tung Sri Muang, Tung Sri Muang Park, Provincial Office, Coffee Shop, Montana Hotel, ECC, Tesaban Market, Wrong Way Cafe, Aree Mansion, Grace Cafe, Tony's Restaurant, Robinsons, Racha Hotel, Regent Palace Hotel, Pathumrat Hotel, Felice, Rajabhat, Nevada Grand Hotel Complex, Ubon Sports School, Lotus, Assumption College, Nong Bua Market, Northeastern Poly Techni College, Makro, Ahm Muang Restaurant, Bus Terminal, Khiang Buen Restaurant, Skill Development Center.

Line 11- Blue - Soi Phanom 9, Ban Ga Saew Restaurant, Ave Marie School, Smile Restaurant, Somdet School, Ashceewa, Library, Wat Tung Sri Muang, Museum, Provincial Office, Tung Sri Muang Park, Le Cafe Coffee Shop, ECC, Montana Hotel, Han Za Pub and Restaurant, Wrong Way Cafe, Grace Cafe, Tony's Bakery and Coffee Shop, Robinsons, Racha Hotel, Regent Palace Hotel, Market 6, Pathumrat Hotel, Thai Airwawys, Rajabhat, Nevada Grand Hotel Complex, Ubon Sports School, Lotus, Assumption College, Nong Bua Market, Northeastern Polytechnic College, Big C, Makro, Bus Terminal, Kam Yai Market, Green House Restaurant, Ban Dam Phra School.

Line 12- Blue - Ban Dong Bang, Huai Wang Nong, Nursing School, Sapphasit Hospital, New Apartments, Risotto Restaurant, 7th Day Adventist Church, Srigamol Hotel, Sri Isan Hotel, Big Market, Ascheewa, Library, Museum, Wat Tung Sri Muang, Tung Sri Muang Park, Provincial Office, Coffee Shop, ECC, Montana Hotel, Chao Wattanan Car Rental, Folk Music Pub, Fine Day Restaurant, SK Shopping Mall, Rajabhat, Cultural Center, Pond Restaurant, Kwan Na Tong Restaurant, Sripathum School, Skill Development Center.

Line M- Red - Ubon Ratchathani Bus Terminal - Ubon Ratchathani University

Getting around Ubon Ratchathani can be simple and enjoyable. There are many ways to get out and explore the city and province. Public transportation is a great way to meet some local people and make new friends. Happy travels in Ubon Ratchathani, If you have any question please contact me because I live in Ubon, I can get you any information of Ubon.


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